Habitat was commissioned from the Swedish Radio and it was premiered at the EBU Arts Birthday 2021.

”Habitat – as in the natural surrounding in which an animal or plant usually lives, but also as in home, setting, territory, scene, surroundings, context, conditions and circumstances, etc. Humankind has affected all the natural habitats of the world in many ways, the “natural” has become a different state of natural, or just „another natural state of nature” – maybe forever changing. Can we even speak about a real “natural” nature anymore, if we also consider the micro level of physical matter? Habitat is created from a diverse collection of recordings of environmental sounds, animals, field recordings, as well as synthetic sounds, creatures and environments. The composition is in constant flux between „real“ places and „unreal“ spaces, creating its own sounding transnature habitat(s).” Savannah Agger 2021.

Listen here and here!