Started studying composition at
The Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm.
Examination in spring 2007.

Music teacher at Cirkuspiloterna in Stockholm.

Music editor for Cirkuspiloternas show ”Virus”!
Directed by Lars Bethke.

Composed the music and performed with Anna Gustavsson
for Ossi Niskalas ”Vid sidan av Sommargatan
at the Moderndance theatre in Stockholm.
Choreography by Ossi Niskala.

Composed the music for Cirkörs performance at the Nobel prize banquet.


Toured Europe and Asia with Urga and the performance ”TRIX”.


Toured with URGA in Cirkörs/Orionteatern performance ”TRIX”.
Directed by Lars Rudolfsson. Toured Europe and Asia .

Released ”Urgasm” with URGA at Silence Records.

Composed and performed the music in the performance ”APROPOS
at Kanonhallen in Copenhagen.
Directed by Annesophie Bergman-Steen.

Composed the music together with Andy Hultberg for Cirkörs performance ”00:00”!
Directed by Anders Johanisson and Lars Rudolfsson.